Sean Bones “Here Now” Music Video

I was a young boy in the 1980’s and this video is right on point, so is the song. Sean Bones “Here Now” is on its way to be a smash hit anywhere and everywhere. Its only a matter of time before you find yourself hugging someone while caps are flying in the air, and the clear blue ether is vibrating in your intoxicated eyes. Have a great weekend, and it will only be better with this playing in the background. Bones literally delivers a perfect summer pop song, its done so well, the materialistic fools around you would even drop their cell phone clips to dance. Pure fun to kick off this warm season. Have a great weekend people, this might be the potion just for that.

Directed by Keelay. “Here Now” Single available now on iTunes and Insound. The new album Buzzards Boy is available everywhere May 8. You can download the track for free right here.

~ Ryan Boos

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