ChromadaData Costume Sea Goggles

ChromadaData released the Arival EP this week and its filled with “Afro Futurism.” Ian Jones love for hip hop and the essence of soul are typically at the heart of all his tunes. The extra flavor that keeps me interested is the continuations of an experimentation throughout. While he keeps things pretty well on the same points, his loops remind me of the under the sea ride, except this one is for the really cool fish.It helps to have your own sound, something unique to your music, and his keys are the things riding over the samples and beat, which essentially separate CD from the rest. Seriously though, bring your goggles and some flippers, this whole EP is riddled with bubbles, star fish, and the costume imagination mermaid that finds you whirling the underbelly of an Alice in Wonderland sea ride. The new album is only 3 bucks on his bandcamp page, I picked it up this morning, I suggest you put down the granola snacks  and do the same.

~ Ryan Boos

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