Ryan Boos

“Expressions are loud, so be a willing kind while you’re lost here now.”

Ryan Boos is the owner and operator of Hazy Acres. He lives in Knoxville, Tennessee with his wife and two children. His creative work spans from recording professionally under the name Nomadic Firs and writing specific content throughout the year. The music project has released multiple songs, and albums, and curated several remix records with Artists from around the world. Along with music and writing, Ryan designs his own imagery, using a cross over between photography and layering of other objects; most of which is pulled from his life. Ryan started out in music as a promoter and DJ in Kalamazoo, MI. He ran multiple independent production companies, while he curated several nightclub events in the Michigan area. He currently is exploring a “living thesis”, which required him to quit his day job and stay home to raise the children. “The depth to the name Nomadic Firs reveals the dichotomous marriage between the world of creativity and its wild nature, with a centered home life that is grounded in principled philosophy, and progressive traditions.”

For the past two years Ryan has been steadily recording two bodies of new work. One for Nomadic Firs, and another for a brand new band. Both records have been recorded in his home studio in part, but also in airports, coffee shops, on lunch breaks at his former employer, in courtyards, bars, porches, cabins, cars, in different states, and in a variety of different times. As part of his “Living Thesis” he believes that no circumstance should prevent anyone from doing what they love. “It gets hard, and complicated, but you have to insist on finishing it”.

Ryan Boos is a graduate of Central Michigan University with a B.S. in Public Administration, with a Community Development Focus.

Written by

Kat Jacobs

(long time friend)