Nomadic Firs


Nomadic Firs are available to stream on Spotify.

An ever growing thesis in sound, washed in modern psych music. Nomadic Firs (Ryan Boos) is described in the press as “Psych Pop, or Experimental Music” with tinges of Electronica. The project has been said to be “taking on a life of its own” in the last few years.

Following the breakout (2012) self-titled (cassette) release on Crash Symbols, a remix album called Wild hit the web featuring ODESZA, Mountain Range and a slew of others. In October of 2013, Mystic Color Faze was released on digital format. The 36 track collection of B sides is a reflection of seven years worth of sound exploration (MCF was reissued as a “Redux” edition in June of 2016).

Ryan released LVSK in May of 2016 with critical acclaim, which was featured on the first cassette sampler for Them There Records  (Europe) and considered to be a new sound for the project. A remix album of LVSK was released October 2016. i AM THE WORLD is the third remix album curated by Nomadic Firs. In July of 2017 the new song called “Adropetc” was released as a single along with Nomadic Firs remix of folk singer Kaitlin Rose’s love song “Voice of Reason”.

Stay Tuned for a brand new album from Nomadic Firs, and Boos’s new band called Open Channel.

For more information, remix enquires, licensing, or bookings, email: boos (at) hazyacres (dot) com

All songs are available on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

Drink your Kombucha people!





For more music and releases hop over to Nomadic Firs Bandcamp page. HERE



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