The Meets Music Video

The new music video from Brandon Lochers project The Meets, is an experimental piece no doubt. Directed by Locher, Even When The Time Comes simply shows some cool images, riddled with enough movement to keep you watching, but what sticks here is the song above all else. The Meets first single sounds like what you would imagine if somehow we were able to rewrite history, and the Beastie Boys Paul’s Boutique featured Medeski Martin and Wood, as the featured guests. It has all the imagination of those two trend setting groups, and when I first heard it I was floored. It’s a throw back piece, from the mind of a dude I think represents a profound fabric in this generations crowded songsters. He’s one of my favorites cats around, wise background in music, no doubt about it, and he clearly knows to call on his friends when he wants to knock down a sound. Nab the FREE ep here, via bandcamp.