Ohsowhy Is A Canyon Call

“HayFeverFuzzy” is a gorgeous tune shedding light on an allergy making us stay indoors, and experiencing the outside world from inside a window. The music is soft and wraps underneath her layered voice. The song is the canyon call, the echo chamber of self wanting to roll around a field, in the dirt, under a bubble of love for the hope to obtain something pure.Ohsowhy has skills and she’s always willing to share them. You can’t mistake this when visiting her soundcloud page. If we were living in some commune somewhere, all of us. She would be the glue, the voice that kept my personality in check in order to share the beauty in front of me with everyone else. I just hope we get an album from her, very soon. Check out this song she did with Buried Redshoes, whose another songster I’ll be exploring.

~ Ryan Boos