Cube Face Summer Lights

Out of Brighton, Britain (UK) Cube Face is part of the Cadence Collective whose Cadence Sampler hit the net waves at the end of March on Bandcamp. We had Bearcubs “Cascade” on our volume one mixtape, which is another bright spot in this shining collectives deep pull.With Cube Face and “Tell Me” its hard to imagine anything as awesome on the whole deal. First, I’m a sucker for that voice clip sample, that sounds like a needle being randomly dropped on a spoken word record. Cube Face, and the collective seems like the type of group that wants to bring you the deepest and most addictive bass lines. This tune sheds bright city lights on the sexual tenure of pop music, while riding the edges of electronic ocean music or something for the Florida Beaches, or hitting out of Ann Arbor’s Ghostly label. This song sounds like something off one of The Streets records, I kept waiting for the nasty brit flow to come on the mic, and drop some knowledge. Cool thing, it’s not needed, mainly b/c the productions is so damn flawless not even an MC could do much to make it better. It’s like being in a┬ámeeting with your manager and they tell you that your yearly review is in, and the thing was so damn HOT it caught on fire, and burnt down their headquarters office.

You can get the sampler for a five-spot, so put down the pizza slice or your annoyingly specific coffee, and buy it.

~ Ryan Boos