White Blush Mirror Tasers

White Blush

LA is the home of White Blush, aka Carol Rhyu whose album is out now on bandcamp. This track “Mirror” really caught my attention. A fluttery IDM bend, with enough similar Lali Puna roll to make me reflect on a certain period. There’s also a dark element to this record, which I guess we’re suppose to call “Darkwave” at this particular point in our genre timeline. Her vocals are very well placed in Pop, but the musical edge makes everything breathe a fresh sense of artful noise. 

Arc Light “Balance”

Arc Light is here to throw you back into the days of 80’s indie goodies. When I first heard this guy I put everything I was doing on pause, his voice reminded me so much of Ian Curtis from Joy Division with that legend living on through New Order! Arc Light is Ryan Gabel living in Brooklyn, NY who is recording constantly had has released several albums & EPs on his BandCamp . This track “Balance” makes you want to do so many things and it will be featured on Gabel’s newest release Ancient Soft. Personally, it makes me want to chill the fuck out and clean my room all at the same time. Not really sure how a track can put out such conflicting actions, but it’s happening. Give it a listen…

The image above is from his album Bronze Fortune released in February this year which has a very noise like, darkwave quality to it. The vocals are much higher pitched with a full sound of harmonies behind them, but keeping them steady with that drone electronic tone. This entire album is really incredible, as well as everything else he has released on his BandCamp. You can find $3 albums and free downloads, so check it out while you can! After that, head over to his SoundCloud or Facebook and give Gabel some love. I am certainly getting to be a big fan of Arc Light, this music is a perfect thing to listen to, as you get ready for your night.

Tea Leigh