Cristallin Swirling Memory


Cristallin out of Switzerland released “Terranea” last week. The new song opens up in the ocean setting. The emotions released and resonating off the coral reef, it boomerangs back to you, the image walking underneath the clouds. This is a really wonderful song. Cristallin is a filmmaker who makes music to accompany his visuals. It’s easy to hear the emotional input on this track. Inspired by something unsaid, but vivid from the start. Funny thing about this, I wrote the review while streaming via soundcloud,  then watched the video. Great to see what the song put in my mind is exactly what this filmmaker translates on the screen. The imagery is super cool, hard not to picture yourself hanging with these dudes, skating, seeing all the beauty their set has to offer. There’s plenty of others to watch and explore over on vimeo. Get the song for a NAME YOUR PRICE over on bandcamp, along with some other wonderful sounds.

Jack Spelman Dust Vivid Railroad

Jack Spelman

Jack Spelman creates blurry lines boxing in outdoor memorabilia. The ridges are spotted wonders, so beautiful that you almost want to jump the cliff so you can explore the waters below. A full sound, yet quiet in its ability to rest there in the background, painting the pictures for your silhouettes to build a life in. This is the kind of sound made for an old vinyl piece you swoop up in an abandon box in the back of a thrifty spot. The dust is welcomed, now the spotlight for its remnants to build again. This music gets me exploring my writing, which I love. Thanks Jack, pure brilliant experimentations beaming in the shadows. Not much info on this project, like a link to a cassette or to dl the sounds. Stream for now folks.