Forrest James Burst Traverse

Under The Chrome Sea is the new concept album from Forrest James, a self-described dream waver out of Massachusetts. Setting aside the deft self description, the new record is one of the best finds of the year. James incorporates Boards of Canada (ISH) atmosphere, while spinning the glowing side of Neon Indian, almost like a hint or flutter in the ozone. This really comes through on the track “Waves,” but there’s more to the record than simple comparisons. Forrest calls it a “concept album” which was nine months in the making; this is quite apparent throughout the record. The new album plays like a trip being taken exclusively by your mind. Hell, the rest of you might being pulling a couch potato jones, but not the inner work. It’s all deep with a tinge of bitter-sweet, and the continually (popular) epic style explorative. One of the big stand outs for me is the way Forrest makes his song layout. He’s very patient, never in much of a hurry to change, but it will change into something. That’s the special part about his new record, you maintain this constant while somehow getting the motion with it.

On his bandcamp page Forrest explains the album this way…

“I’ve always wanted to work on a concept album. As an art form I really admire them in a way that “single” culture can’t ever touch for me. On top of that I planned from the beginning to release this album on vinyl, so whilst composing I was also considering timing, song placement, and how length affects sound quality. It has been an enjoyable voyage to new, welcome, terrain. Needless to say, I studied the 1970’s and 80’s and how the idea of the album was approached in that era. “Under The Chrome Sea” is the result of all these meanderings and more.”

Its imperative you nab the limited edition red colored vinyl via his bandcamp, or DL for FREE.  Well done dude!


Burning Hearts “The Swallows”

Hello and welcome to Burning Hearts! This band seems to be blowing up and I don’t see why they wouldn’t, the duo is unlike any other I’ve heard. I won’t waste your time with giving you their background story because they’ve done a beautiful job of telling you just what they’re about on their website. I’ll talk about how they make me feel, which is amazing! As I went through track after track, I was stunned by each song’s originality. Jessika Rapo’s voice reaches every note perfectly, wrapping you around her finger after every reverberated word. The lyrics are mostly about nature and experience of traveling, and who can’t relate to that? The track “The Swallows” is one that will get you on your feet to dance and move in whatever way shape or form you want, the perfect spring time jam.

This is a band worth getting to know more about. All of their music is available on iTunes and a few of their gems are featured on their SoundCloud. I’m sure there is no shortage on where to find this musical love affair. So, if you live in Finland or ever get a chance to catch their show live, you get back to me and tell me how amazing it was. Enjoy!

Tea Leigh