Nomadic Firs Shoot Bazookas

And I’m back with another brand new song, released on new music Friday, in digital format. The new Nomadic Firs song was recorded two years ago, along with most of the upcoming album. I have no release date for it yet, and I’m still putting some flavor on part of the record. On the new song “Bazooka” its obvious the Nomadic Firs project is continuing to develop the psychedelic sounds its known for. The brand new music is aiming to provide motion, flowering in lush, somewhat fantastical sounds. It uses texture to invoke nature. The sounds jump out of the speakers, creating a dynamic that is not flat but bubbling. Play the new song.


All the ups
In the moons
Pretty butter cups

Head is stuck
With the groups
All this color dust

Wash it up
In detune
Weirdo coma

Early wine
Too divide
Shake out all
The flukes

Flutters with
Bazooka dudes
Shredded paper stuff

Running wild
Witches brews
Feather drops your tough

Gold hats
Richest hues
Loud ass pickup trucks

Very caring
Strangers muse
Let it stand up

Every range
Follows you
All your covers die

See the Devils
Desert ride
All you’ll be is mine

Then these tapes
No suprise
We’re on those pills too

Faded cracks
Above your eyes
Drop all the rules

Photography by Logan Huiskamp
Design by Ryan Boos

Olive Juice By Emily Reo

Emily Reo Olive Juice

Vivid tracks traverse the faze from past expressions you need to forget but can’t, a mind bending flip of a head trauma. Emily Reo beams fantastic with Olive Juice. Released back on September, the opening sounds will have you locked in for a trip through gem stone vox, candy beats, light-hearted vintage day dreams, etc.  A fantastic sound, just pure expression. The album shifts through an endless love and cascades of field dreams, tall grass with quixotic tales you can only imagine while writing it down in this notepad. Well, thats what I’m feeling here in old north Knoxville this morning. The new album was put out via Elestial Sound. Buy it here on Vinyl. Yet another dope idea for the holidays.

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Y.T.C.B.

Young Triforce Cat Baron

Young Triforce Cat Baron out of Britain, is the kind of project that has the name to spark your curiosity (obviously), as it turns out the name has some back to it. Flutter pops on beats, with sprinkled replay atmospherics, makes Y.T.C.B. a purveyor of this particular type of magic. The new track “2morrow” is a FREE dl.

Koda Earth Timber Love


Koda (Jordan Sudak) released “Limnos” about a month ago. A perfect soft-spoken lyric, riddled with worldly aesthetics. The journey in the song, a view finder filled with an appreciative realization about life, the context of questioning “what it all means” why simultaneously missing out on the beauty before us. The album was released on Silk Sofa, part of the expanded Silk Music (read their mission statment, awesome!) and  made available to purchase back in Feb. via beatportJordan just released “Leaving” on Soundcloud yesterday, so I thought I’d share that as well. He’s an amazingly gifted individual, so I suggest you keep tabs on him, I will be.