There was a time when I tried to hide from my love of Techno and House music. I came up in it, most likely learned how to produce because of it. In the last ten years I’ve attended Detroit’s famous Electronic Music Festival a handful of times. The best part is always being with my crew, no doubt. But there’s something else to it, a sudden tickle of the stomach, as if I’m nervous or too excited. I get so damn happy when I hear the music. So much so that it feels like there’s a soft grip on my neck throughout the festival, guiding me to the places I can boogie down. Or its just my boy Logan telling me we’re bouncing. Anyway, all my guys are producers, and DJs. I can’t begin to express how proud I am to see they’re still doing their thing, and they’re really good at it.

Make it Fit from Salt Lake City, Utah is one of those friends. And he’s releasing new DJ mixes regularly that you need to hear. Not to mention playing out like a monster, and sticking largely to his ever growing vinyl collection. Which, in todays standard of “auto sync” should be widely appreciated. And I have to admit, he’s one of my favorite DJs to date. He really plays a unique deck, especially when you see him live. He’s always cutting into his tracks to find all the meat for his mixes, but he makes the sounds blend quick, and thats the gem of his technique. Total stud on the decks, dance floors a different story. LOL!

You can catch Make It Fit’s monthly residency at one of Salt Lake’s Dopest venues, The Red Door. Go to his Soundcloud for more bump.



Adam Stolz Drops New Mix

Chicago Producer, and DJ, Adam Stolz  just released his new mix, Building Impressions. If you’re into House or Techno music it doesn’t get much better than my boys taste in Dance Music. I’m currently working on a new album with him under the name Hot Butter Lunch. The recordings sound so dope. Hopefully we release later this year. Stay way tuned!


Mountain Range = New Album

I’m trying to get away from being a “reviewer” of albums or art in general. This sites not really about that anymore, rather a place to share special things out there in the massive swirl oniine. So with that said, have an adventure with the new works from Stuart Thomas.

Video: Blackbird Blackbird “There is Nowhere”

Blackbird Blackbird is back with his first single off the new album Tangerine Sky, which will be released on Om Records coming in May. Looking forward to this no doubt.