The Fabulous Fairies Black Leather Rips

The Fabulous Fairies

An old time feel is what you’ll find on The Fabulous Fairies. A broken somewhat warbly biker chain rock, with the desert psych shades. No doubt, very much the garage sound so many have grown to love. Just released today, there’s an EP available to DL as a name your price, the full album is available to stream. Click here

Future Valleys Jumbled Star

Future Valleys

England’s Future Valleys, currently splitting time between the 60’s, the 80’s, and now he’s into a more experimental electronic music. Its to the point where you’re unclear whose making what, I had to email him to make sure the rock stuff was actually him, or an accidental upload with the new electronic material. Future Valleys really connects all of them together on some of these numbers. Take the song “I will never die,” a White Fence style vocal showered in an 80’s ether, leaving the edge for a garage oriented rock.

I appreciate explorers like this, people wanting to make everything they can. Not a product, not a plot to swoop up a market, but instead self discovery through the lens of some unknown desire to create. The first track on this list of great work, is a summer time player for sure. And probably will be on Acres mix #2. I’m pretty stoked I found this Artist. You can’t put the Lo-fi like this in front of my ears without pure excitement. I love the mix of sounds, but I would really love a Future Valleys record of the hazy garage sound. There might be one, but like so many great talents on soundcloud, there’s a lack of links to info on them. So I have no idea if there’s more info, an album, or maybe a side project making elevator jams? Regardless, the soundcloud pages are a good start.

Surf’s Up For Settlers

Settlers is a band full of many tricks and talents. Living up in Buffalo, NY Maxwell and Daniel do about a million things. Between hosting house shows, working full-time jobs, and playing steady gigs, they have time to live it up and create a pretty solid sound. Settlers reminds me of some hazy memories, of a crazy night, when lots of running and laughing are involved. The song “Sky Kings” is a track that will make you want to just go for a walk on the sunniest day or jump in the ocean no matter how cold it is outside. With their invigorating surf garage dream sound they transform whatever you’re doing into pure fun.

You can head over to their BandCamp for a free download of the song. Daniel tells me they are still in the process of recording tracks to put together for release. In their spare time they run shows out of their basement called the Jungle Gym which I can assure you is a good time. A few months back I went on a small tour through upstate New York and ran into these guys via the website DODIY, they even cooked us dinner. I would absolutely check out the venue if you’re ever in Buffalo and try to play a show with the guys while you’re in town! I feel very lucky to have run into these cats and wish them the best of luck with whatever is in store!

Tea Leigh