Papernoise Explorer Lids

Papernoise (Hannes Pasqualini) out of Italy, turns the synthetic glitchy sounds into an avalanche of explorative nature. On The Shadow of the Mountains, Hannes really gets explicit in the journey aspect. There’s a cave dweller who just opened a new portal, and the bright implications beaming loud find a way to make bliss from eager sounding robotics. 

Along with these uniquely original sounds, Hannes is an Illustrator, and comic artist, you can discover his magical world here.

The comic is called Giètz!, which  is a graphic novel about the beginnings of Italian jazz music during the 50s.

Hannes Pasqualini was born in Bolzano, where he currently lives and works. He studied film at  Zelig in Bolzano and at the Universität der Künste in Berlin. Later he graduated in design at the Free University of Bolzano. Currently he works part-time as a web and media designer for the agency; the rest of the time he works as a freelance illustrator, writes and illustrates short comics and graphic novels.

Mountain Range Glitch Heaven

Okay Okay Okay, Stuart Thomas is an absolute high-five fest of an artist. His work rains down the most furious acid trips. He’s infectiously enhancing  the world with skittle like balloon gravy, the kind you see bubbling over the sun scattered haze of those peak performance memories. Mountain Range sent me this tune about 20 minutes ago. I’m still choking on my crackers. He’s a magical son of a dreamer, bringing wizardry on the rest of us to no end. My god, will a giant label and web site please give him his major props already. The new remix is for Swansongs’s “Silhouette,” from their new E.P. called Sill Life.

~ Ryan Boos

Vocal Samples “Among My Soul”

Vocal Samples out of Britain has an interesting frame on his track. He mixes experimental structures with samples and shifty clips that essentially rest in a worldly ether of IDM and stuttered electronics. On top of this, I find a certain darkness to the music. Its an ominous feeling of emotion that reflects shattered souls on the cracked ice, in the lake you see images through. The way he uses sounds to create this original motion works well, nothing wrong with a cinematic music. “Among My Soul” continually moves, dropping randomness with a needle,  on an old record from India.  

AAron Evo Twitched Out Space Funk

Aaron Evo’s sound is like the music being played as you land on mars. Evo just released Logbook which is available on a multitude of places online including Amazon. On “Whats Your Flavor” the sound is a kind of stop, start, glitter funk throw back. He gives you enough to chop on, and leaves plenty of background for you to keep looking around the corners, wanting more.

~ Ryan Boos