Turquoise Crown Elemental Crush

Turquoise Crown

The galactic cut up sample heat, crushes moon fragments, laying down jazz vocal leads. Turquoise Crown out of Maine, chops up the fine, pushes it out through some kind of wonderful. Crisp and savvy, the pro sound of a beat maker. The latest clip “water.heart” is just a sample of something infectiously moving. I’ve listed several works of Art from T.C. for your listening pleasure. The project seems to release material quickly, so there’s plenty of short bursts to enjoy. I wish I could offer more info on whose behind the sounds, but like so many soundclouders they just don’t put much on who they are, or where else to find them.

Mute Speakers Loud Earth

Mute Speakers

Brighton’s Mute Speaker (Rob O’Hara) provides sample laced “jazz-hop” of the finest order. With two big releases the last two Aprils, Mute Speaker history is shaping up to be some of the choicest sounds you can find. Luckily I tripped on this latest track while searching for gems online. Be sure to surf his bandcamp and nab the full length albums.