Fire Starter

What I’ve experienced regarding love can be the gateway into some type of truthful existence, a mechanism to burst through societal stasis, and become that feeling as an expressive, bold, entity. I feel like an open field lit with the sun.

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RS.4 History’s Malleability By Danny Sherrod

Every human being on Earth will owe his or her existence to Adolf Hitler. World War II resulted in the deaths of over 50 million people. What became of all the offspring those millions would have produced? After a few generations, we may be talking about quite a few people here, and some of them could be pivotal individuals in the stream of history.

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Honkonen Glides Supreme On Take Me Home

Soft colors, sprinkled through a valley of gray nature. From the tinges of southern rock mostly tucked behind a hazy neo-folk sound. He’s opened a window to modernity for the sake of relevancy and creativity, and that spark is now fire. Matt’s currently touring the East Tennessee area in support of Take Me Home.

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