Choongum Droplet Fire


In San Francisco, Choongum is blasting this loopy dream drench all over the coast. Dazzling atmospherics, with a hooky arpeggiated pulse. The new song “Rainbow Syrup” wastes no time getting to its place, from the intro its pull takes you in, drops you on a seat, then you fly away. Surfing around online Choongum has plenty of releases to listen to, a recent album with Shisha on cassette, and a bunch more. Hop over to his bandcamp to go through it all.

Babe Terror’s New Tape Haunted Anarchy

Warbly grain fills the spectrum on Babe, Terrors new “Perdizes Campe Seniors”.  A haunted tinged 12 minute  looper thats video is an abstraction collage of old movies, basketball, and some other transposed weirdness. All pretty heady, and potently fitting for the neo-cassette-culture-movement. The new Tape came out on Glue Moon. Listening through it has a dark drone appeal. The constant looping sounds  that smash against the tide, are possibly being transmitted by some beat box over top the valley. Almost a warning signal that some Walking Dead shits about to happen. There’s an anarchy to all this, the album starts to get into a discernible music tone on “Berlin Trendy Lifters & Halterofillists” but it’s still filled with this chase. This record is looming, something is going to happen, I just hope I grow wings before then so I can fly my family out of dodge. Seriously worth the listen, for me it’s about exploring what Babe, Terror is thinking with his decisions on College Clash. Two parts Art Installation, one part music. Pretty cool. Tapes are 6 bucks on Glue Moon, digi 8 dollars via Babe, Terror. A stand out track for me was B2 “Nairobi Party Loners & Trashhopers”.

College Clash” is a tribute to american college basketball, telling a story of secret college meetings and sports battles in a forest camp.” ~ Glue Moon Tapes