Necessary Illusions – Nomadic Firs

Necessary illusions Artwork

The original design is a painting I created last summer, For the song art I made edits using photoshop – adding negative space for a minimal feel. 

Among the wide range of things I enjoy doing, music is probably the one area I spend most of my time. Well, at least for the last decade or more, two decades if you count my start in the DJ/Promoter world. Both of which I have plans to get back into in the next year. My “to do” list is getting quite full these days, grateful for that.

I just released “Necessary Illusions” from my project Nomadic Firs. It’s the first single from a brand new album. It will be out early next year, and it’s called – What’s The Narrative?  The new song along with all my previous releases are available on all major streaming sites, including Spotify – here.

The vocal was recorded five years ago, but the music around it has changed a dozen times.



“Every time you fade awhile”

Verse 1

“One more shot for the way you feel, its out there in the way its falling. I heard you running wild, thrilling the way you look for smiles. If you need some concentration everyone is out there at the gala. We can only be free if we set it off for awhile.”

“Every time you fade awhile”

Verse 2

“Everytime you fade awhile, I can be nothing but the silent. Running to the alley way, figure out what to say is right. I don’t need no one for me, everyone is wrapped up in illusion. You can be waiting for, the right person, your whole life.”

“Every time you fade awhile”


There will be a slew of singles released before the album is out in full. The new record will have guest singers and will go in a variety of different directions.

Nomadic Firs News And DAEYLI


Without delving too far into what I’ve been up to, since a simple follow on any of the standard outlets will render that info, I do however find these small FYI posts to be good for me, so I’ll keep that up for selfish reasons, at the least.

In the next few weeks a brand new song will come out, it’s called “LVSK”. The new tune was certainly a next level moment for me, and this project. The new album isn’t done, but with this first single I landed the direction in a significant way. For some reason some of the  music has a “disco” ish feel mixed with heavy atmosphere. I guess if forced to describe it, that would be my explanation. I wanted to “clean up” my sound for this record. So far, thats happening.

In other relevant “news” I’ve been recording another album simultaneously with my band, now called “DAEYLI” which is formerly known as Case Point. Its been a joy to work in two avenues of music. My dear friend Adam has helped me stay focused in our new sound. I think both records, hopefully coming out in 2017, will be regarded well. You’ll get a sneak peek of both when Nomadic Fir’s new single is released, along with the remix from DAEYLI. I’m excited to put out something new. The last three years has been fascinating for me as I’ve tried to discover new sounds, tones, textures I’ve dissected to use as the palette for these new albums. Most of which have been taken from cheap old vinyl I’ve purchased througout Knoxville’s wealth of Record Stores.

UPDATE: The new band is called Open Channel, and DAEYLI will be used as an alias for other solo work, remixes, etc. 

There you have It, my appreciation towards all the folks listening, dropping me little notes online, letting me exist inside their world in sound, means the world to me.

Until next time…

All the best,