Caveman The Wise Shadow Heat

Caveman The Wise

This record has a nice warmth to it, similar to that evening when you decide a movie from the early years is what you’re looking for. Those films never step all over themselves to get to the next scene. Old movies relieve us from the obvious impatience of a modern scenario retread, with soul. The opening track “Getting Along” is the peak of chill, and “Little Leviathon” is the highlight of the record. A cool like jazz ether, and the vocal hits to perpetuate a state of zen. Oh and Don Draper and Biggie Smalls make appearances on the record, which is never a bad thing to work with. Caveman is a jazz man, no doubt.

Caveman the Wise (Chicago), Time in the Shadow of the Thing too Big to See, is FREE which is almost criminal. Creators gotta start asking for their worth, regardless of how many listeners we might lose. But free is nice, I’m broke right now. The album is hosted by The Day Old Recording Company, they have others worth exploring.

“…an up and coming producer in the Chicago and Nashville areas. A professional saxophonist, jazz colors┬áhis sound, no matter what style he produces. Tastes and genre are constantly evolving as he experiments with new sounds and old, always finding a new groove.”

Delano Taylor Liquid Surf

Delano Taylor

Finding Delano Taylor in 2012 was a highlight for this site. His North Highlands remix for “Best Part” landed him on my 20 of 2012 list. Its a tune that sticks around quite often, stuck somewhere in my head, rattling off when the thinking runs deep. Taylor’s back with a new one, this time a bit darker and futuristic. But his high pitch vocal tuning is right in place, just like I hoped it would be. Here’s to when his album finally drops and we have a full piece to add to the collection. Nab this now.