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Brandon Locher

Last year Locher brought us Conversations, today he releases Conversations (Revisited). In Locher’s words “This newly revisited and extended sound piece consists of a serial chain of phone calls. The first without a response on the other side is recorded. The confused answerer repeating, “Hello? Hello?” is then used to playback in a new call to another randomized receiver. That person’s response is then taped and played back for another confused recipient, over and over again… I’d like to think of it as mastering the prank call, see what you think? The role of the music is to reveal the life that invisibly flows in and through us at all moments. That music is continuous; it is only we who turn away.”

Brandon made the 20 of 2012 list on this site, mainly for his consistant explorations within sound art via My Idea Of Fun,  “a Johnstown, PA based collective of musicians, visual artists, filmmakers, and writers.” The new year looks bright for B.L. with this new release and his other project The Meets LP coming this summer.

Brandon Locher Gracious Prankster

Running a blog isn’t entirely too difficult, but what is hard is trying to establish a solid writing rhythm. A style that doesn’t repeat itself, much of this is the responsibility of the writer, and a decent fraction of the work depends on the content you’re trying to share.

Brandon Locher is a recording, and visual artists from Johnstown, PA. He picked up the art in 2006, and has over 50 releases under a variety of monikers. Brandon is what you call DIY at its rarest form. He’s innovative, prolific, and seems a purest to the art of creative exploration, which is just a fancy way of saying experimental.  As a writer, his email regarding his amazing piece of sound art, “Conversations, 2012” is exactly what I needed to hear to remove the stagnation of repeating myself over and over again. Brandon explains the projects as “mastering the prank call” and described the process as “spontaneous communication, by fooling the person into thinking that they are talking to an actual person, when only they are responding to a recording of the previous recorded person’s conversation response.” The results are fascinating, refreshing, and Locher’s dedication to sound experimentation is all over his Soundcloud page, so while I posted on the this particular piece, there’s a nice batch of goodies to explore. Make sure to go to this website and see the catalog here.

~ Ryan Boos