Perera Elsewhere’s Debut Album

 Perera Elsewhere

Ominous folk here, lush vocals with dark shades intersecting this beautiful approach on a classic form. A story-teller, Perera Elsewhere’s debut album on Friends of Friends (out of LA) hits you right in that space, rainy atmospherics shielded by a mild natural light. A long car ride in a vast, warm, reminiscent emotion. The record has some true “world” moments, a very interesting 12 tracks. Peaceful, pretty, and worth the time, Everlast is no doubt a fresh take on something in the realm of a journey, plus there are hints of electronic elements throughout.┬áThe album is available on CD, Vinyl, or MP3. Get it!

Chims Transportive Learnings

The warm synth bounces of mirrored mazed out reflections, with an opening that’s a call to balance. The establishment of said balance is vital to take off beyond the storm. Chims is an interesting sound project, the new song “Forever Alone” sits in so much meditative auras, that only the beat saves it from recommend list at the local zen shop. I’m always down for the worldly giving of music, transportive learnings that only they can convey. Sound is funny that way, the one angle or tonality of an instrument can shift so much in a song, make it antithetical to what perception, or rumination of spirit are relaying to you. But I guess music is free to interpret without the “genrefying” of this blogosphere.

~ Ryan Boos