Rumination Station.2 Political Wackness


Obviously we have an intense political calendar here in the States. I don’t think anyone could have predicted Donald Trump leading a poll let alone winning an actual Primary. Well, now he’s more or less won all of them. Yeah, he took second to a cheating Ted Cruz in Iowa, but Iowa doesn’t really matter anymore. They don’t really predict Presidents, more of a way to get their extreme pick a little more mojo moving forward.

If you listen to a q/a with Donal Trump, he hardly ever answers a direct question just repeats rather dumb declarations, especially on the policy side. I watched part of a “town hall” host by Morning Joe (political hack) and it was the most embarrassing presentation of journalism I’ve ever seen. No follow ups, no push backs, no Tim Russert fire for the Trump to choke on. I think this is all to do with ratings, and the reality that most young people except for me and few others, don’t watch news, and they don’t participate in the old paradigms of news coverage, or political theory. Not even Rachael Maddow’s over the top, sometimes goofy, but potent journalist style can save this class of news. Now they have the perfect marketing candidate. A blow hard who looks like a walrus had sex with an Orangutan.

Yeah, I typically stick to MSNBC cause I like liberal thinkers, and philosophy, and I think they tell the truth while giving their progressive opinions on it. The reality is, even those circles keep getting  more and more conservative. Its all about ratings, and the monster cable news network over at Fox. The continuation of dumbing down our absent electorate, so the Republican party can hold onto the districts with the fewest people, and gum up the works in congress. So if you’re another network competing with Fox, why not run to the right to attract more of their audience, then the conservative monopoly doesn’t have to change. They can keep running things and ignoring the fact that in large part, our country doesn’t care. Most of us are out to see on our cellphones. If you’re not looking up you won’t see the large plane flying above our heads filled with our future. That they, the conservative movement, still want to keep from us. They still want us to be this low energy, cable watching pot of morons, so they can keep driving us all into a polluted oblivion.

I’m not over the moon about the current crop of Democrats either. I like Bernie, even feel the Bern from time to time. Clinton I don’t dislike, but thats not a reason to vote for her. If I could vote for Barack Obama again I would without pause. I think he’s an amazing person, and I’m proud of where I’m from, when I hear him speak. He’s started so much for the future, and done it  with the most obstructionist congress in our history.

The cast of characters in the Republican party who continually talk about how bad everything is aren’t smelling the roses, they’re painting this horrible shade of red all over this light blue progress we’ve made, since they poured vats of pigs blood all over the country when it almost tanked in 2007. Lets not forget the past in order to write a new future. We’ve already written some important foundations for the new generations next 20 years. Lets improve and tweak that progress, fix wage inequality, legalize pot, and stop fighting old battles. The Republican party is only a relevant party because most folks don’t vote, and when they do Democrats win. So get off your lazy asses and stomp out these old hacks for good. Lets say goodbye to our parents model of white collar ethics, overseas junk, and work too much syndrome, and allow us, the youth who are the future, get what we want. A place we can all make it, smoke it, love it, and chill a bit more.

If Trump wins the presidency, he’ll shit his pants, and ask the questions Robert Redford asked after he shockingly won, in arguably the best political movie ever made, The Candidate. “What do we do now?”

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