Happy Sunday! The sun is so healing and driving. My favorite season is almost here but in many ways came early. I wrote these affirmations while participating in Julia Cameron’s The Artist Way, workbook/book. If you have not explored it, please do. It’s fun and gives you a togetherness quite essential for the Artist journey. You don’t have to be blocked or struggling. I wasn’t at the time. It was good for the soul. So yeah, these are some of my affirmations from about two years ago. I came across them on a sketch pad piece of paper in some random bag amongst other displaced things. Chuckles, I am wild as ever in my overall existence. Displaced is part of the seasonal shift. These bring me home and bring me more alive. You are a wonderful creating being, no one gets to challenge that. I’m also a creativity coach among the other flowers in my bag. Much love!

“I deserve to be an Artist and express who I am”

“My lifestyle choices help me stay In creative flow, even if its only in thought”

“Creativity is all around us, the guide inside us all, speak to it”

“I have a massive amount of power to share with the world”

“I’m allowed to be in love, make things, and write my own story”

“My strengths are rare, and just as potent as anyones” 

“My experience is a gift worth sharing”

“I am strong and talented enough to keep creating my own version of life”

“When I accept myself fully, I’m an unstoppable force who will achieve greatness”

“Its ok to fail, temporary failures are not a judgment on your ability, they are the tools to enhance your abilities”

“My gifts begin with healing others, I am a healer, naturally, and I deserve to live without being taken advantage of” 

“Creative energy has given me great awareness to experience nature, express it though life and share it with those ready to receive” 

“My openness to share is a superpower”

“I deserve a great love that accepts what it means to be a walking, talking, dancing, poem” 


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