Skins In The Deluge Garden

Doo Wop

Fingers snap snap

Angle hips above bended knee

Back pocket hank

Buttons to the top

Slit eyebrow 


Zero Mirror

Leather shoe fresh 

Roll pants


Hand through the hair 

Salt winning pepper 

Got the juice ma 

Cassette starter kit in an old nike shoe box


Mixtapes for friends using the pause button for tricks

OG remix

She’s talking shit bc white boy has some shake

No fucks given

Keep strolling along the window 

Free shows on the street 

Off road dirty feet 

Spring dress with open back

Smells of vinegar and running 

Basket paradise with favorites


Wrist jute maker 

Blue rings


Long hair from religion 


Hand holder on pinkish handmade blankets

Exudes safe harbor 

Wisdom shield 



Wise ma with healing truth 

Smell us together in the air around the end and beginning of what wasn’t, hasn’t and will be said 

Non rushing this dream maker of my heart 

Odor paradise 

Ankle love 


Give her soul 

My eyes and the only true nature


Together a sound only heard by our guide

Create the forest 

Creative gypsy folks in the wooded areas starving but ok 


Shut down 

Touch the soil and pine cones and acorns and needles

Water holds us in place as we wait for nothing 



Zoo Zoo 

Lick the ether of shedding that falls off her in the sunrise

Carry her bag

Brush her hair

Clip her nails 

Lay down in a road to take on her burdens

Play the blues 

Belt the elements


Roll over on to her

Read to her magical things by humans who can only say such things because of pain

Then fade away 

Come to a new street and give it all again 



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