Gold Hoops In The Graffiti Sky


Let it loose 

Exposure sideways through the looking glass


Never really choose 


Sudden Days 

Birds singing and messaging in the pear tree 

White flowers dance in the new winds 

Push on stars


Believe impossible love reality so the soul lives on 


Alone together in the spark

One more step leads straight up to the castle of ourselves 

Great beyonds 

Balance values with radical movements

Play the songs that make your skin tingle 


Stay still and wait for your wave


Waters edge comes closer to communicate the formula 

Logics finite dream 

Keep it moving

Don’t stop moving 


Until the bird sings a stillness deep 

Body rests its final crow 

Post after post

Ink on vintage paper for sale at the market


Grab a box for the carrot tops to hang over

Something to notice for others

Part of the picture 

Part of the silent language taking place all around chewing decibels 

A walk toward more 

Dirt lots

Two people two you

One life on one side of one 


Lights in the eye blurry 


Smoke for the upcoming heat

Gathers and onlookers 

Leather wearing vegans 


Circuses of weird and truth


When it gets to be too much exit stage left and tell them you have social anxiety

Not truth 

Watchers watch for you to do something 

Big bird

That bird starts singing in that tree and you wait for that thing  

Black crow

Pawns game her face nothing but snakes and bugs 


Met a witch who showed me a path through the gates of tongue languages 

Bicycle madness

Spins and turns 

The shovel outside in the elements 

Gracious thieves 

Gold hoops in the graffiti sky 

Birds waiting in the red buds with a message 


Don’t waste your time pondering the anxious 

Your face is a mask



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