Cacophony In The Silence


Vast brush up of time that means nothing

Progress possible potential 

Weed grass on my feet

Each second is another second to burry this chain

Open arms

But not for cheap humanistic explorations 

Unlimited experiences in the languages resting around the edges 

Cute mouth but secularly evil 

Nice eyes but boring

Soft skin but needy 

Intelligence zip 

Walking along the river seeing the winter messages of filth

Plastic mud bags holding plastic dreams 

Spring pops open


Beaks and nest stems

Help them fly

Feeling the healer 

Why do they sponge off the good

Is that my purpose 

Don’t defend it 

Or pretend 


Become all of them and reveal the science of expression 

These little berries on the side of the road my boy peed near

Small fractures in the roots along our new trails

Baskets of wonderful flair 

They had mirrors that covered the entire wall

Dance alone 

See yourself as they see you crazy 

I’m not in Vegas but 7am in the sun feels similar 

When your lost after midnight 

They said 

What is truth when you read someone else’s truth 

Running waters stay on through the night

Get chased and followed 

Amalgam surprise 

Limited heroes 

The shadows are wandering around the back 

Snake face 

Bones and bones and bones 


Wounds are not made to heal in an endless cycle of torment 

Pop up book

Laugh a little then move on 

Smirks don’t put us where we need to be 

Gunshots under the bridge 


Laying on three blankets spread out in the sun

Favorite reads


Small steps through the new passages 

One after one after one

Look for the poems wait for them and believe 

One loose intention behind principled action 


Blow endlessness to the call 

Nix the silent canyons 

Keep building the blueprint 

Disconnect the poor signals 

Dead Ends 

Walk away from the dreamless 

Pet the wolf 

Pet the cub 

Pet the visions


Funny hats you wear for a second

Motivate your art

Experience cup is ready to give 




Not fake

Looking for everyone in a boat going nowhere 

My feet hit a rock and it stings

Stream sounds 

Dogs run and run 

Her name was Nova 

Universal Nuggets when you feel blind 


Courage to be more 

Hug a star

Stay silent when they are loud because they are uncomfortable 

Little purple wild flowers 


Another trip around the sun



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