Tales of the lasting pause

Swirling afterglows

You see them from time to time

Wishing wells 

New Thyme

How do we proceed in ourselves after preceding 

No maps 

Small tincture syrup made at home 

Atlas tattoos on an arm just born 

Travelers of the mind 

You don’t want the thing but the thing hangs on

Exclusive seat


There’s a small stream I send it down

With giant words floating it away

On the water

Moving it along away from my head




Grab what’s available 

Ask for it 

Storm coming

Tiny ships with florescent sails 

Redo the harbor

Paint the sky bright blue

Paint the water

Paint the human shadow in the back of a town you are also repainting

New roads

Leading to the bridges you wait to appear  

Sent by the Universe

Principles for a life




Grab everything 

Then let it all go 

I made us jute bracelets with one charm

Left yours on the dresser by your balm 

Floor cracks where words live

Tend the garden in the early 

Imagination is the history of who we are to become 


Light forest 

Another switchback to an opening impossibly divine 



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