Happy Criminal


Less feeling 

Stranger Dalliances   

Dinosaur kale field pilgrim 

I wrote words in chalk 


For you to see 


An end to some odd future 

Crescent intuition met with fireworks 

Beginning to map the quest 

Another trail 

Another way 

My forward is your tent 

Pacify all freeing choices 



Sticks break in the dark

Fire crackles left for the gods 

Petulant roll over 

Impotent soldier  

Beautiful crimes of chase 

Lasting flow 

Such taste of all things your way 

Fold up for nothing 

Bold frets and strings 

Lullaby baby purring in the dark 

Wisdom candy mouth 

Your lips remind me of sonnets 

Sunsets we’ve seen a thousand times 

Play seven 

Play odd 

Play me 

Stuck in a rhythm spell 

Blinding lights 


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