Antique Freak


Sprinkles of glow 

Half cloths 

Half Truths

Dark demon in denim 

Run out of the room 


There isn’t a place to go that you aren’t already there

Walking in a room 

Heads turn 


Festival eyes for the moment of season

When the melting begins of history 

Performance Pageantry 

Rough edges 

Sand paper skin 

You trusted the wrong horse mouth 

Snot head

Have my rags 

Wear my shirts ripped


Frequency with a voice on it saying weird things at midnight 

Have you been to the end


Daydream willow baskets filled with wild flowers 

Yarrow hitchhikers 

Van life dropouts 

Train ho 

Delivering old boxes with recycled news 

Transcend the arc of predictability 

We are never one thing 

But some more things in a world of things consuming things 




Begin the moment of fresh paradox 

New hats and old shoes

Dirts stairs 

A collection of blues LPS the old guy plays 


Speak only in your head with the circus freaks 

Roll off the high point 

To the ground 

Inhale soil eating seeds 

Cracked up 



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