Color Fields Mind Drench



There’s a constant yearning to find the most chill spot in my head. I’m juggling several rafts of “to do” while attempting to paddle away from the edge. When there’s the time you come across some new sounds that fit, they play immediately in the world you create for yourself to escape the societal mundane, the crux of life’s contrasting dispositions. Color Fields is the solo project of Ian Hilvert.

Mountain Range Glitch Heaven

Okay Okay Okay, Stuart Thomas is an absolute high-five fest of an artist. His work rains down the most furious acid trips. He’s infectiously enhancing  the world with skittle like balloon gravy, the kind you see bubbling over the sun scattered haze of those peak performance memories. Mountain Range sent me this tune about 20 minutes ago. I’m still choking on my crackers. He’s a magical son of a dreamer, bringing wizardry on the rest of us to no end. My god, will a giant label and web site please give him his major props already. The new remix is for Swansongs’s “Silhouette,” from their new E.P. called Sill Life.

~ Ryan Boos

Man On The Moon Youth Montage

This Man On The Moon is Arvid Lizell, from Stockholm Sweden. On “Falling Through The Sky” the electronics really move the song, give it this motion, or vivid montage you found in a dusty box while cleaning out the attic in your parents house. There isn’t much else to say at this point, except Man really marries some of my favorite sounds together, while keeping things mostly simple, yet emotionally unique. This song really would fit the flashes of someone’s life, more so than any song I’ve heard this year. Wake up in the morning, kiss your partner, put on clothes, drink coffee, pet the dogs, shut the door, get in your car, walk in work, say hello to the first person you see, flash forward to the sun in the trees, bright colors, smile, walk in the woods, hold hands, skip with the youth, bounce in the fountain, laugh, miss your friends, notice mannerisms, wave to a stranger, spend money on the little things, and always dream big, even from your desk at work.

~ Ryan Boos

Young Wonder Flutter Hooks

With so much to love, Ireland’s Young Wonder brings “Luck One.” The samples are so rich in mood enhancements, with the lead singer coming in when you’d least expect it. The last couple weeks I’ve come across some great music in this similar theme. I’m not sure if this is the trend for the summer, this two parts sample clip heavy music, with a flutter of pop essence and the skills to do both. I’m loving all this music that bends the predictions of where you think the tune is going. This one is full of rich fallen fruit, just pure potent electronic pop, that wastes no time making its moves to the hooks, the hip, and the lovely. The self titled EP came out April 14th. You can download the tune exclusively at WE ARE HUNTED.

~ Ryan Boos

CASSINI From France

I found this gem just a few days ago somewhere under the sludge of everything else I kept running into. This goes out to all the ambient lovers, to the kids who like to build sounds and move into motion. I give to you CASSINI, a one man gig from Montpellier France and this one man is named Dorian Gaubert. When I first came upon this work I was sent into this state of relaxation and really wanted to stop hunting for musicians for the night, instead get lost in these tracks. His tracks are far from noise, but they have a noise like quality to them in that there really is no perfect place for some of the textured sounds Gaubert throws in. The first track we have here is “Dwarf Planet” which is a remix Gaubert did not too long ago of an I-Dults track.

I nestle in with the warm record fuzz and the bright bells right off the bat. This track is the perfect fit for some sort of film with limited talking and tons of exploration. That’s what it is!! These tracks make me feel like I’m exploring something in some strange land with the softest grass and insanely tall trees. I’m sure that’s really a place, but I’ve not been across any of the great ponds. There is an element of Explosions In The Sky mixed with Sigur Ros and throw in some Gold Panda somewhere in the sound scape you hear.

The next track is called “All Nights” and it brings you back to those nights where you don’t want to really go home until the sun comes up. Not because you’re having a ton of fun, but just because you want to end the day with the sun coming up. We all have had  those times, and now that it’s spring I expect you night owls to be up and ready for it.

My favourite part about this track is that it ends how it begins. I know most music isn’t as conceptual as I make it out to be, but I’d like to think that Gaubert did this intentionally just as most nights turn out the same.
What you hear is what you get of CASSINI, he currently has nothing released under this name, and the only way you can listen to his music is through his SoundCloud. I only hope that he continues to push this project in a direction of releasing his tunes to the greater public. For now you can download your favourite tracks of his for free. I hope you get lost as much as I have in the sounds CASSINI brings to us from his big little city of Montpellier, France.

Tea Leigh