Man On The Moon Youth Montage

This Man On The Moon is Arvid Lizell, from Stockholm Sweden. On “Falling Through The Sky” the electronics really move the song, give it this motion, or vivid montage you found in a dusty box while cleaning out the attic in your parents house. There isn’t much else to say at this point, except Man really marries some of my favorite sounds together, while keeping things mostly simple, yet emotionally unique. This song really would fit the flashes of someone’s life, more so than any song I’ve heard this year. Wake up in the morning, kiss your partner, put on clothes, drink coffee, pet the dogs, shut the door, get in your car, walk in work, say hello to the first person you see, flash forward to the sun in the trees, bright colors, smile, walk in the woods, hold hands, skip with the youth, bounce in the fountain, laugh, miss your friends, notice mannerisms, wave to a stranger, spend money on the little things, and always dream big, even from your desk at work.

~ Ryan Boos


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