Noble Robot Starship Quirky

Out of Williamsburg, Rory Barber and Nellie Gillis are Noble Robot, and they have a ton of free wonderful music on their soundcloud page as well as an album release last year called Lit. Their official website says their new album is called Stars Above (not sure on release). The two newest tracks find the Robot stirring in its usual antics, with the clever key hooks, and Rory continuing his mostly lazy vocal, generally effected in a super cool way. I’ve been a fan for a bit now, and I think of all the SC pages I’ve visited, they by far hook it up the most. There are tons of free tracks, and nothing on there┬áthat’s skip worthy. On “Winter Sun” they pour it on heavy atmosphere, and the lovely back and forth between them makes the tune superbly addictive. Barber finds a groove on the vocal and hits this almost rap┬ámentality, which serves the tune extremely well.

~ Ryan Boos

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