Do enjoy, I’m really happy with it. More to come in the form of a brand new album in 2017.

The Paellas Stack Real Sugar

The Paellas

The Paellas releases “Sugar,” and its so darn cool. A standard chill pop song, with a delivery that sets it off as a standout. The guitar and vocal really are the brightest spots on the song, and the closing places it in the shallow end of some experimentations. Its like watching street lights above your head, as you drive through the inner city in your old neighborhood, as if to say, I’m home and I remember what happens here, I’m looking for it again. Formed in 2009, the band calls Osaka, Japan their home. The new single comes with a well packaged CD, and this cool 80’s inspired cover.

Insightful Drops Elsewhere


Deep grooves, the glitch pop supreme. Insightful out of Oakland has crossed heady rhythms with laid back jazz samples. Some perfection with these sounds, savvy clip placement with all that swing. Stand outs on the album find Insightful meshing the experimental together with some 70(ish) synth acid here or there. The opening track “Tree Level” is ridiculous. Of course the abilities don’t stop on production, Insightful just had to sing. I’m hooked friends, Elsewhere is available now.

Watch the video below for the fresh, drone-esque-chiller “Hindsight,” a true piece of Art that relays the personal angst of wanting to look like someone else, that mission brings forth a bond between two physically defective people. Truly a bitter-sweet video, that masterfully sits with the piece of sound, and how society can pressurize the human spirit into yearning to be perfect, especially if the scars are visible.

Color Collage Boardwalk Daydream

Color Collage

Color Collage drops the new track “By And By,” a crispy summer pop number with super tight production. If you are unfamiliar with this project, this is the new moniker for the sample heavy, remix savvy Leann Grimes. Now Shane Conerty really takes us places with his new baby Color Collage. The new song was recorded at the Silent Barn in Bushwick, Brooklyn with Carlos Hernandez and Julian Fadar of the band Ave Luna. It’s an almost early afternoon boardwalk carnival sound. I just keep seeing a couple smiling while eating cotton candy. Joyful with messages within, essentially do your thing, have fun, cause its curtains for all eventually. Name your Price!

Del Sur Bright Picnic

Del Sur

Taking a shot at music is no picnic, attempting to define your craft, the process, how that impacts a persona you envisioned for yourself. All these things make the full output a package, tightly woven to perfection in your own little world. Thats the beauty I keep finding out there. Little fields that are free, open to you to explore. The fantasy someone else has worked so hard to project, all with the hope that travelers will find their design. On Del Sur’s new song “Lifegaurds” you’ll be swept away into the mystic, so lazy and cool, with cascades of stoner(isms). This is a brand new project, sounding more and more like its finding its way, I’ll take one for my next boat ride indeed. Just be sure to bring a long rope, you might get lost out there with all these drunkard vibes. Its the great sideways and a perpetual floating.

 “Del Sur is the solo bedroom project of 16 year old Philadelphian Michael Collier. Combining surf-inspired guitar with tribal sounding drum machine samples, Del Sur aims to create tropical pop. Del Sur originated in the fall of 2012 trying to convey the nostalgia of summer’s past. Literally meaning “of the south” in Spanish, Del Sur is all about getting back to the beach.”