Matt Honkonen Pure Journey

Matt Honkonen

With the new album dropping July 12, Matt Honkonen gives us a taste with Paper Wires (singles). Out of the three tracks, all of which are great sounding, the one I think stands out the most is “More Than You Need.” A close to perfect Indie Pop number, with clear southern influence. Honkonen is having fun doing this, showing off his full range as a leader, creating a world for us where we get the best of everything musically. The line “You want an open book, with pages in their place, and all your answers written down, with a hand that never shakes” immediately tells you this cats a poet. Soulful bends that reveal the aged heart of the road, the idea of the next life on the horizon, and a delicate delivery┬ánot afraid to express the learning and the teaching. You’ll explore this new valley as a pure creation, letting things just be, as you get thrown into the musical journey. Matts a real light amongst all this sound clutter. So grab a small cup of whiskey, sit on the porch and chill to this batch of singles.

Look for a full album review in July, I’ll keep you posted.

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