Moose Afternoon Revelation Squared

Moose Afternoon

Moose Afternoon has the touch, the one which catches you after looking up through the trees. The wonder of where these clouds roll to, how you fit in, what it all means. Just another great Artists doing his thing out there in the midst of this vast DIY world. I use to think my generation was robbed of something great, something special in the seeds of its history. But this site, and finding all these great “songsters” reveals that initial idea is bullshit. You come across songs like the one’s on Moose Afternoons page and the smile shines, beams through to negate all the doubt because of its tonality, the kind that lets you release the chains of fear. Now we embark on Life, while accepting what sucks about it, and turning it into a tolerable bridge to traverse this crazy place. Tons of Free DL. Excellent!

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