Adam Stolz Drops New Mix

Chicago Producer, and DJ, Adam Stolz  just released his new mix, Building Impressions. If you’re into House or Techno music it doesn’t get much better than my boys taste in Dance Music. I’m currently working on a new album with him under the name Hot Butter Lunch. The recordings sound so dope. Hopefully we release later this year. Stay way tuned!



Sweet Hazy: Nomadic Firs News

I just released the new single “Sweet Hazy” for the Nomadic Firs project. I resisted for years linking this site and my own creative endeavors, but its become clear that’s silly on my part. Back in October, Mystic Color Faze hit the web. The new single is off that 36 track (B sides) album. Originally slated to be the first song Nomadic Firs ever released, instead it ended up being pushed back and sort of forgotten. When it was recorded we loved the track so much, I felt it deserved its own release finally, separate from the album. Special thanks to Ann Milner for backup vocals. The cover art is some of my family at the pool in the late 70’s. Holly did minor additions to fill out the photo. Fun notes, this cover was originally going to be for an EP called Generations. Its puzzling how many ideas we don’t use when we intend to use them, nice to see some organized and released.

Other than a new remix record coming out by the Artist know as 41, where he takes 41 tracks to remix. This single will be the last release until the follow-up album comes out. Hope you enjoy it this summer. It was made with the late 50’s rock n roll sound in mind. Download “Sweet Hazy” for FREE on bandcamp. HERE…. or you can nab it through the embed above.

The new material is coming along, but is far from established. It’s important for me to remember taking my time, letting this new album be its own thing. Wish me well, I’ll keep you posted on that remix record, the new album, and other wonderful news from the family. Our garden, and chickens are doing superb this year, and Cove is loving the sun.

Later Gators!

Pick Of The Week: The Orange Apples

The Orange ApplesEagerly influenced by the experimental leaning of the 60s/70s psych generation, The Orange Apples have released a new record filled with whimsical flourishes, carpet ride pop that’s layered with a large swath of the weird. The new album, Monster Mega Mother Fucker Hit Album came out quietly in October, but a set of decent speakers will reveal the magnitude of creativity from this band. Ten tracks, all which run into one another, creating a short mystical concept record. The joyous occasion glued with bells, and circus decor, gives you all the magic you’ll need. Tracks such as “Brain Power” bring you back into focus with a more sensical dealing, still playful, like a feather traversing a bubble farm. Name your price on this one, worth something indeed.

Pick Of The Week: Bike Weak


Brandon Berry (Bike Weak) out of Florida just released Idle. From the moment you delve in you get this warm buzz, fulfilled from the avant-garde he’s living through. Wondrous DIY bits that will have your sneaker fashions solidified. One big stand out on most of the tunes, is the drunk appeal of the vocals. I’m a sucker for pretty music, with a vox overlaying that “I don’t care” mentality. There’s some serious space on this album, atmosphere hit up with a real smooth aesthetic.  Not to mention all these bendy guitar riffs that superimposed those faded memories to the new. Just damn good Art here people. Brandon made the record available for a “name your price” but he’s also down for a donation to help his good friend David Drinnon get into a good school for the mentally ill. I highly recommend this album, plenty of sugar juice y’all.