Pick Of The Week: Bike Weak


Brandon Berry (Bike Weak) out of Florida just released Idle. From the moment you delve in you get this warm buzz, fulfilled from the avant-garde he’s living through. Wondrous DIY bits that will have your sneaker fashions solidified. One big stand out on most of the tunes, is the drunk appeal of the vocals. I’m a sucker for pretty music, with a vox overlaying that “I don’t care” mentality. There’s some serious space on this album, atmosphere hit up with a real smooth aesthetic.  Not to mention all these bendy guitar riffs that superimposed those faded memories to the new. Just damn good Art here people. Brandon made the record available for a “name your price” but he’s also down for a donation to help his good friend David Drinnon get into a good school for the mentally ill. I highly recommend this album, plenty of sugar juice y’all.

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