Pick Of The Week: The Orange Apples

The Orange ApplesEagerly influenced by the experimental leaning of the 60s/70s psych generation, The Orange Apples have released a new record filled with whimsical flourishes, carpet ride pop that’s layered with a large swath of the weird. The new album, Monster Mega Mother Fucker Hit Album came out quietly in October, but a set of decent speakers will reveal the magnitude of creativity from this band. Ten tracks, all which run into one another, creating a short mystical concept record. The joyous occasion glued with bells, and circus decor, gives you all the magic you’ll need. Tracks such as “Brain Power” bring you back into focus with a more sensical dealing, still playful, like a feather traversing a bubble farm. Name your price on this one, worth something indeed.

Pick Of The Week: MT. OSSA’S Homework Machine


Genre bending rock with glowing psych, these cats are an instant repeat in the house today. MT. OSSA brings a full spectrum sound, washed in that 70’s feel I love so much. Their new record, Homework Machine is filled with big, and bold numbers like “Solar Skate,” or the more laid back, beach bum tracks, “Bongo” and  “Leaves Grieve.” This album will have you seeing fireworks in your living room. While the records sprinkling you like vinyl dust, tracks like “Kella” blast you away with an 80’s style Pop vocal, then swirls time changing, wonder dreams, on the kit. They just cross you up, check the track “Better Weather” for your weird, west coast, off kilter thing. Sign me up for the full treatment please. Damn…

Pick Of The Week: Bike Weak


Brandon Berry (Bike Weak) out of Florida just released Idle. From the moment you delve in you get this warm buzz, fulfilled from the avant-garde he’s living through. Wondrous DIY bits that will have your sneaker fashions solidified. One big stand out on most of the tunes, is the drunk appeal of the vocals. I’m a sucker for pretty music, with a vox overlaying that “I don’t care” mentality. There’s some serious space on this album, atmosphere hit up with a real smooth aesthetic.  Not to mention all these bendy guitar riffs that superimposed those faded memories to the new. Just damn good Art here people. Brandon made the record available for a “name your price” but he’s also down for a donation to help his good friend David Drinnon get into a good school for the mentally ill. I highly recommend this album, plenty of sugar juice y’all.

Pick Of The Week: Fortyone


When you search “Samples” as a keyword you can find some pretty amazing songster crafts on soundcloud. I came across Fortyone, and  a new album filled with said samples, running the spectrum. The Joy of Plowing is free and massive coming in at 32 songs. There’s quick drops of everything, like a record addict in the store doing quick hits to decide what’s coming home from the stack. A remarkable snippet fest, that gets smokey from all the dancing.

Take songs like “Jazz it up,” a classic hot box get down for the neighborhood on a saturday night. The project really just seems to be all about having fun, giving away free music without revealing much. The tunes are filled with a conducive memorabilia that blend together like a drunken pool party, which means some are spot on, others are weird enough together they work.

The track “Be The Love Bone Pony” lays out music from some real greats, all accompanied by an announcement telling you whose up. You’ll sway between Ricky Nelson, Elvis, and Fats Domino. A brilliant “wonder smile” perfect for the whole family.

Sampling is one of my favorite art forms, and when done correctly, old classics can be reinvented to form this new experimentation, unleashed and lovely. Not everyone can do this, it’s not like a derivative painting. This exploration is somewhat crazy, making its celebratory conclusion a piece that’s seldom found for most of us. The time, and care put into doing this would require a vision, only Fortyone could explain. Just a great find, I do hope you DL this record.

I also put up “George Washington Meets Mrs. Rabbit,” not off the record, but worth the laugh, just listen to how much effort this project takes to get where its going. So much respect! The Joy of Plowing just came out, nab it FREE HERE. And be sure to go through the other material on Soundcloud, basically a treasure chest of throwback gems.

Pick Of The Week: Kanada


Kanada out of France, has this track called “Bowling” on his soundcloud page. When I was walking through to grab another, in the long line of cups of coffee, it began to play. The tracks before it I liked so the decision to post had been made. Then came the “epic” moment where I declared in my mind this song is going to be the one I love, I know it. But that’s not to say his collection isn’t amazing. He released an EP called Parade back in September, which can be grabbed for a FREE dl.

Kanada has a passion for the ambient no doubt. He rests blurry objects on floating planes, which take off from the standard beat treatment. The music is highly addictive “brain food.” Something I enjoy b/c there’s a special place I go in my head, the one you can get to easily with a drop of LSD, or Fungi. Being older now, I stay away from whats alters us, finding the way with music, the obviously more wholesome choice.

But we won’t stop at the cerebral offerings from Paul Teyssédou Aka Kanada. His track “Elliptic Tricks” is another special treat. This one is more up beat, including the soulful blues guitar over hoppy heat. It has this vintage sound to it, instantly attractive. It sticks to the shakers core, a groover you once adored, refreshed with new blood from Kanada, a very deft French Producer.

I also put up his mixtape Handy Drummers Silent Square.