Pick Of The Week: We Are The West

We Are The West

We Are The West, the humble sounding duo who just released a new EP called We Are The West II. Their sound, a gentle breezy neo-folk vibe, with a little valley essence from the freak movement. But this mostly sits on standard, classic sounding folk, with only a pinch of modernity. A refreshing new release, and honestly I quit listening to this type of music awhile back, it depressed me at a certain point. This was mainly done from a broken heart. These dudes are not that world, and listening to their new EP, allowing it to swoop in, and be what it is, I found myself getting back to a simpler sound. One that wasn’t  a dust off in the vinyl collection. This is new, and  important to have in the rotation.

The middle track “Cauliflower Ears” is a beautiful steady lover, rocks you back and forth, makes you feel alright to see again. I’m sitting here in the morning, coffee in hand, bird swirling outside in the dark, and everything just feels right. Cheers to We Are The West for making a timeless sound, and sticking to their passion for the simplicity in life, the evocative aesthetic is pure, worth the walk down to the water while you explore how you got there. This music reminds me of so much, and its a welcomed feeling. Thanks for the ride We Are The West, and the build up on the closer “JV Tryouts,” quite deft indeed. Nab the new EP We Are The West II for 3 bucks. Yeah, 3 dollars for this brilliant group.

“The Los Angeles-based duo has recorded in storm drains, performed on sheep farms and in abandoned convents, and now hosts a concert series in the underground parking garage of an office building the Saturday night before each full moon. This Spring they release the second in a four part album of recordings, this installment handcrafted with love and care in a barn in Western New York during the summer months.”

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