Tropical Tobacco Color Color Surf Surf

Tropical Tobacco Saturday Morning! Not your typical day for a blog post. I’m chilling out in the country basically sitting in the front yard of the National Park. Last night I came across Tropical Tobacco. Now, I can’t say for certain I haven’t seen this name before, either at a glance while surfing some of my favorite sites. Maybe, I get him confused with the other Tobacco fella, who sings in that creepy acid trip band who shows the B movie roles at their concerts (See Black Moth Super Rainbow)?. This is not him, or that group, nothing the same, except the SUN.

Tropical’s sound is quite simply “Tropical”. With the song “One Ounce” released back in January (missed it), this is indeed the setup of the summer for me. Every blog or site from here to Pluto is saying that about one song or another, sure this one as well. It’s probably the most over played ¬†thing to say, a clich√© no doubt. But who cares about superfluous jargon. We’re talking about summer here, the season when people feel young, and run around like crazy people for a few months. And that’s why we post about “summer songs” so much when we hear them.

On this color filled, drug induced beach run, Tropical Tobacco just hits all the right notes, for me especially. The song induces a running down the beaches of Lake Michigan visual for me. Now instead of Holly and me holding hands, and tripping on ourselves while laughing like goof balls, I see that plus my son strapped up in the Ergo, bobbing back and forth on my back. It’s interesting how your kids can make you see the colors all over again, make you see the youth in yourself as you explore the sand for the very first time together. This song is that experience, and it’s just FUN. Also nab the track “Debris/” to come down off the super high experience. Get them both FREE HERE! They have a new album coming out sometime this year, thank goodness.

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