Do enjoy, I’m really happy with it. More to come in the form of a brand new album in 2017.

Color Fields Mind Drench



There’s a constant yearning to find the most chill spot in my head. I’m juggling several rafts of “to do” while attempting to paddle away from the edge. When there’s the time you come across some new sounds that fit, they play immediately in the world you create for yourself to escape the societal mundane, the crux of life’s contrasting dispositions. Color Fields is the solo project of Ian Hilvert.

Pick Of The Week: Another Green World

Coming out of  Tennessee, Alec West (aka Another Green Worldpushes his electronic throwback pop to great heights. With a couple releases under his belt, and the new album called Haunted coming out June 11 on Synthemesc records, Alex is dropping a few tastes to get us excited. The track “Blood,” which I suppose is serving as the first single; blasts supreme classic dream pop thunder, basking in coolness, and eager to perpetuate this hip sneaker aesthetic. To get us drenched in nostalgia, the new video takes us through clips of Lost Boys, a personal favorite film for me now and when it came out back in the 80’s. Another Green World will have you lost in a sea of thoughts, smiles, and a vintage knack for suspending modern times. Stick with this dude, his new album should be really dope to match the upcoming summer, but just make sure you’re wearing the right glasses.

Cassida Pax Wild Fire Highlights

Cassida Pax

Cassida Pax is warbling through this retro ether, more like sniffing the good glue then walking the park after dark. Ricardo Stacey out of Canada lives in the Lo-fi TAPE culture. The bedroom pop aesthetic never seems to go away, daily finds of experimental goings on. An explorative measure so expansive the genre continue to rain down supreme pretty lights. Cassida Pax is another pleasant vibe in a long line of great wild wonders. Head over to his bandcamp page, and peep the massive collection of releases.

Cristallin Swirling Memory


Cristallin out of Switzerland released “Terranea” last week. The new song opens up in the ocean setting. The emotions released and resonating off the coral reef, it boomerangs back to you, the image walking underneath the clouds. This is a really wonderful song. Cristallin is a filmmaker who makes music to accompany his visuals. It’s easy to hear the emotional input on this track. Inspired by something unsaid, but vivid from the start. Funny thing about this, I wrote the review while streaming via soundcloud,  then watched the video. Great to see what the song put in my mind is exactly what this filmmaker translates on the screen. The imagery is super cool, hard not to picture yourself hanging with these dudes, skating, seeing all the beauty their set has to offer. There’s plenty of others to watch and explore over on vimeo. Get the song for a NAME YOUR PRICE over on bandcamp, along with some other wonderful sounds.