Fantasy Camp Zone Glow

Fantasy Camp

The thing sets in, skies darken, there’s running aimlessly. At the edge is Fantasy Camp, whose sound transcends his youth. At 16 Jonah Kramer AKA Fantasy Camp beams out of Pennsylvania, with a self relayed “clumsy & shy” persona. Silly rabbit, there’s nothing like that coming out of your sound. This is potent chillwave, the kind that evoke cool moods, on the cusp of the latter part of the evening. Mix the atmospherics with solid beat making, the kind of sampling that inhabits this Feng Shui in the mind, making the complete song a real pleasant work that has no rigidity.

The new song “Campground” hits on all those evocations, it’s a slow burner, whose fruit seems out of reach, cause you keep ruminating about shit. All this is taking place along some shore only you know about, cause you designed it.

Jonah is part of this influx of the “beat tape” genre. His new full length came out in late December, you can grab that here, its a NAME YOUR PRICE. There’s so much to listen to, so get listening. I’ve posted some songs that really stand out, all FREE DL.

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