Swim Good Under The Radar’s Radar

Swim Good released “Dollar Iced Tea” last year on Soundcloud. From what I can tell this song has gone relatively under the radar, way under it. It’s a great song! From the moment it begins, the invisible colors we see from the bright sun in our eyes, comes out like vibrations. You’re half blinded and the pulse transmits the sound. A FREE one I might add. “ALL I WANNA DO” is listen to this song, and be in this video.

The song is a car commercial just waiting to be plucked from the cloud. Who is this Swim Good? Why is this song not being blasted everywhere? How the hell did I find it? The last question is easy, traffic on one of my own releases turned me onto Swim Good. I noticed the name, so I went to explore, and here we are. I’M IN LOVE!  It looks like Swim Good is Ben Hoffman, honestly I wish Artist would get on the “links” tip so when we cover them I know WTF I’m looking at, no worries, the song makes up for it. Cheers Ben! There’s also a pretty Rad mixtape on his Soundcloud. Be sure to hop over and nab that as well both FREE. WE WANT MORE DUDE!!!!

– In case this is some big hit I just completely missed, and Swim Good is one of these maestros posting CR material, my apologies up front. The song is that good people. It’s so damn good that I think it’s possibly this massive hit that everyone has already loved on. This can happen, hope its the real deal so I can feel good about my discovery.

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