Estate Champagne Balloon Room


A new find of some older tracks along with a new EP. Disco House is an essential piece to my musical upbringing as a listener, and at one point a house music DJ. I started out listening to this kind of quality, the summer time house dancers that are so HOT they excuse themselves from being overly funky or cheesy. Basically going so far one way, you come back through the other side, making the thing you’re doing transcendent.

Estate out of Minneapolis and NYC, consists of Josh Johnson, Dan Kramer, and Jessie Lesmeister. There sound is Nu Disco with shades of Phoenix (esque) cadence. There’s a ton to go through, all setting them up on their own plain as a real purveyor in this “champagne” style music. The sounds entirely crisp, moving smoothly, while making sure to have some fun within all the WHITE ON THE WALLS. They released a massive album via iTunes back in 2011. Massive in this sense its 40 plus tracks for you to munch on. This music is essential party music. Feel good sounds, no doubt. They have some seriously campy videos over on vimeo, I laughed my ass off at the featured video, which is the new single leading the new EP they just released, available on Traxsource.

The new single “Slipstream”  is a glitter pop throw back, layered in so much disco I put on a head band and started busting a move. The new EP contains new music from Estate as well as the remix treatment. Below I picked the new single, and two older tracks that I really thought were great, especially “Pick Your Fight”.  Nothing like a new EP to bring in a new audience to your older material. Perfect timing!


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