Pick Of The Week: Wizards Only Presents Disney Worlds

Wizards Only Disney Worlds

There’s always a concept album that will hit you up during the year. When you discover the one, there’s this weird joy, some kind of psyched out experience you feel, even before you’ve heard the record. This kind of emotion is what I experienced when I came across this entirely interesting concept record.

Wizards Only Presents: Disney Worlds is a whimsical experimentation, shifting the timeless sounds of Disney onto the hip/hop modern, and the future synth marble warble. The album was compiled by 19 different artists, ranging from the more bleep oriented sample heavy button down, to the more expansive breathing room which allows the samples to rest easy on their unique place in our memories.

If you’ve been to the Magic Kingdom, preferably in the 80’s, looking back it’s not far from thinking that it has the mysterious element that can scare a child. I can remember being stuck on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride for hours, or It’s a Small World After All. These pieces in time are yesterday for me. I can see them vividly. How about watching the classic Disney films, and the grainy aspects still embedded in the origination of all that magic. The heart and soul of a trillion little souls, wrapped up in one sense of character. The magic, the lights, the castle, and now the beats.

This record is so many levels of weird, classic whimsical cascades, of carnival bliss beated out in a daze, simply to be faded into the mix of superb beat heavy essence of the mixtape community. A must have for the year. You can get it FREE or Name your price HERE.

Congrats to the group of Artists responsible for this, they all do a solid bid in their own way, I picked some tunes to put up front, but honestly the whole thing is so damn dope.

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