Memory Weeks

Cover Art For Memory Weeks By Ryan Boos

This week (October 16, 2020) I released a new album called Memory Weeks. For several years I’ve been working on another record, changing directions, micro-managing each new piece. Then Covid-19 hit and I thought it would give me more time to dive deeper into that body of work. But I was bored trying to figure out what it’s suppose to be. Art can make us feel lost so easily, it can tie our creative souls up in knots, suffocating the beautiful nature of making things. I decided in April I would put that project down and start something fresh, but this wouldn’t be just an album for me, more so a piece of time dedicated to recording without over thinking, or perpetually tweaking sounds. What came of it is Memory Weeks, a collection of songs recorded between April and June, 2020. I’m proud of it because I accomplished the goal to record and move on, and it’s different. Rather than stay into one lane of music, or style, I merged my taste together, allowed parts to be minimal, allowed songs to go where they took me, and rather than fix things to sound perfect, I let them lay in honest vulnerability, unafraid to expose being off and not perfect. The reward will come later.

I’ll get back to the previous album, it’ll be finished, but I needed the moments on this new conceptual piece to show me how to let go of things that mean so much, for a time. Any creation feels like a child you nourish, guiding it towards completion. The release is always anti-climactic in the immediate. The progress comes much later in self, you end up wearing it all over your face, you hear it in your voice and it comes out of your body.

Memory Weeks is a stamp on my Covid-19 experience. For all the horrible things happening now, I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work on what I love. It’s another reason to keep going.

Available on all major streaming services.


Necessary Illusions – Nomadic Firs

Necessary illusions Artwork

The original design is a painting I created last summer, For the song art I made edits using photoshop – adding negative space for a minimal feel. 

Among the wide range of things I enjoy doing, music is probably the one area I spend most of my time. Well, at least for the last decade or more, two decades if you count my start in the DJ/Promoter world. Both of which I have plans to get back into in the next year. My “to do” list is getting quite full these days, grateful for that.

I just released “Necessary Illusions” from my project Nomadic Firs. It’s the first single from a brand new album. It will be out early next year, and it’s called – What’s The Narrative?  The new song along with all my previous releases are available on all major streaming sites, including Spotify – here.

The vocal was recorded five years ago, but the music around it has changed a dozen times.



“Every time you fade awhile”

Verse 1

“One more shot for the way you feel, its out there in the way its falling. I heard you running wild, thrilling the way you look for smiles. If you need some concentration everyone is out there at the gala. We can only be free if we set it off for awhile.”

“Every time you fade awhile”

Verse 2

“Everytime you fade awhile, I can be nothing but the silent. Running to the alley way, figure out what to say is right. I don’t need no one for me, everyone is wrapped up in illusion. You can be waiting for, the right person, your whole life.”

“Every time you fade awhile”


There will be a slew of singles released before the album is out in full. The new record will have guest singers and will go in a variety of different directions.

Open Channel Has Arrived

Open Channel music has been resting behind the scene for the last two years. Today, on new music Friday, the waiting is over. Together with my old friend Adam Stolz, we are proud to release this new music. The brand new song is called “The Star” and it comes your way courtesy of the widely know digital imprint, Bad Panda Records. The new digital music release, can also be found on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon. And of course Soundcloud.

Feathers And Open Channel

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This brand new piece has an interesting back story. Recorded two years ago, the song was originally slated to be released on my new bands (Open Channel) first album. After time went on, it was obvious the music was in the realm of Nomadic Firs. It was decided to mark it “feat” to introduce O.C. before their material started coming out.

Notable: The vocal was recorded using iphone headphones as a microphone, through a laptop, in an empty conference room (lights off) in Downtown Knoxville. The lyrics are an improvisation, recorded in one take. All the sounds are original, coming from months of diggin’ dollar bins to establish an authentic tonality. Along with the keyboard played basslines, the sample stabs, and slick Open Channel beat, it makes for one hell of fun time.

Play on Soundcloud

“Open Channel is a new project from Chicago producer Adam Stolz and Ryan Boos, of Nomadic Firs. The two have been close friends for almost twenty years, coming up together in a vein of underground music by way of Michigan’s I-94 corridor, with heavy roots in Kalamazoo. The vibrant history down that long stretch of road, from Detroit to Chicago, has helped sculpt each of their musical influences.”

Feathers – lyrics

Livin it up for the city risen, I’ve been here wondering and watching. All the way you’ve seen the risen, I’ve been here watch the thing droppin. On and on you’ve seen the lovesick, we can hide from the granted. I can see your silhouettes…. and river side park we dancin.

You were here before the snowman, you should run with those FEATHERS. I heard you scream so softly, echoing my name in lovely. Before you cast the judgements, see the stars above your apartment. You should run with those FEATHERS.


Do enjoy, I’m really happy with it. More to come in the form of a brand new album in 2017.