Sadsic On Collective Resonance


New Jersey based band Sadsic, released their new LP in October of this year. Put out by the expansive Collective Resonance. Listening through the album this morning, mad gigawatts poplin in/out jive, no doubt an electronic sampled feast to get into. “Solo On The Rocks” rips this supreme hip/hop back drop, hits the tones just right. The self-titled effort has a long track list with shorter tunes. Another really interesting, pleasing, very experimental number is “Maniac Memories,” takes you in and out, then roles right into “Nam’ 13” a continuation, which happens throughout the album. A Quality experience if you listen to it all straight through. Sadsic creates this ultimate cadence with plenty of blips, boom, and more blips to make the transitions filled with heat. Another smooth one is the atmospheric tides on “Night Fathoms.” Panned essence stuttering, shifting across the spectrum, held down by cool beats. The whole record is filled with all the goodies you can handle. Thank Bandcamp for the find, found it on the home page, the cover calls the eye.

Collective Resonance has a grip of other releases, a very busy, and worthy exploration to be had.

All These Fingers Gold Rings

All These Fingers

All These Fingers is a beat maker/heat thrower out of Detroit, Michigan. Michiganders unite! From first look ATF is a busy producer, dropping albums consistently via bandcamp. Back in April the Tonewheel LP was released, featuring a plethora of different material, from Das EFX remixes to Beastie Boys, ATF handles them all. I particularly enjoy the originals featuring JACK WILSON, so I posted “Satin Starter Jackets” featuring him. You can NAME YOUR PRICE for the whole record here. I also included a track off the upcoming album “Cassette Riddim.” Streaming it this morning I’m eager to nab it.

Pick Of The Week: Wizards Only Presents Disney Worlds

Wizards Only Disney Worlds

There’s always a concept album that will hit you up during the year. When you discover the one, there’s this weird joy, some kind of psyched out experience you feel, even before you’ve heard the record. This kind of emotion is what I experienced when I came across this entirely interesting concept record.

Wizards Only Presents: Disney Worlds is a whimsical experimentation, shifting the timeless sounds of Disney onto the hip/hop modern, and the future synth marble warble. The album was compiled by 19 different artists, ranging from the more bleep oriented sample heavy button down, to the more expansive breathing room which allows the samples to rest easy on their unique place in our memories.

If you’ve been to the Magic Kingdom, preferably in the 80’s, looking back it’s not far from thinking that it has the mysterious element that can scare a child. I can remember being stuck on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride for hours, or It’s a Small World After All. These pieces in time are yesterday for me. I can see them vividly. How about watching the classic Disney films, and the grainy aspects still embedded in the origination of all that magic. The heart and soul of a trillion little souls, wrapped up in one sense of character. The magic, the lights, the castle, and now the beats.

This record is so many levels of weird, classic whimsical cascades, of carnival bliss beated out in a daze, simply to be faded into the mix of superb beat heavy essence of the mixtape community. A must have for the year. You can get it FREE or Name your price HERE.

Congrats to the group of Artists responsible for this, they all do a solid bid in their own way, I picked some tunes to put up front, but honestly the whole thing is so damn dope.

Artifakts Throwback Jones Holler


This is an early favorite for my top 20 of 2013 list. When the beat drops you’re in full “cool boy” mode. Its early in the AM at the nest, and these slow-mo. crowd thrillers just blasted my groove shake. For such killer instincts you’d think the big city vibe was something embedded in these songs from growing up on the inner part of it all, nope. This beat maker is a small towner, from the cold racks of Newton, Wisconsin. Which I believe you can here in the atmosphere of these songs. The center is thick, solid productions, deft hands. You can always tell the dreamers from the samplers, the kids with soul from the styles that might sound good, but miss the fundamental element of passion in art (I’m the authority). Artifacts sends out some real heart on his tracks, it’s very clear sounding.

Follow this LINK to nab some FREEness. Especially Raw Cuts Vol 1, and Clean Cuts.

Caveman The Wise Shadow Heat

Caveman The Wise

This record has a nice warmth to it, similar to that evening when you decide a movie from the early years is what you’re looking for. Those films never step all over themselves to get to the next scene. Old movies relieve us from the obvious impatience of a modern scenario retread, with soul. The opening track “Getting Along” is the peak of chill, and “Little Leviathon” is the highlight of the record. A cool like jazz ether, and the vocal hits to perpetuate a state of zen. Oh and Don Draper and Biggie Smalls make appearances on the record, which is never a bad thing to work with. Caveman is a jazz man, no doubt.

Caveman the Wise (Chicago), Time in the Shadow of the Thing too Big to See, is FREE which is almost criminal. Creators gotta start asking for their worth, regardless of how many listeners we might lose. But free is nice, I’m broke right now. The album is hosted by The Day Old Recording Company, they have others worth exploring.

“…an up and coming producer in the Chicago and Nashville areas. A professional saxophonist, jazz colors his sound, no matter what style he produces. Tastes and genre are constantly evolving as he experiments with new sounds and old, always finding a new groove.”