Artifakts Throwback Jones Holler


This is an early favorite for my top 20 of 2013 list. When the beat drops you’re in full “cool boy” mode. Its early in the AM at the nest, and these slow-mo. crowd thrillers just blasted my groove shake. For such killer instincts you’d think the big city vibe was something embedded in these songs from growing up on the inner part of it all, nope. This beat maker is a small towner, from the cold racks of Newton, Wisconsin. Which I believe you can here in the atmosphere of these songs. The center is thick, solid productions, deft hands. You can always tell the dreamers from the samplers, the kids with soul from the styles that might sound good, but miss the fundamental element of passion in art (I’m the authority). Artifacts sends out some real heart on his tracks, it’s very clear sounding.

Follow this LINK to nab some FREEness. Especially Raw Cuts Vol 1, and Clean Cuts.

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