Sadsic On Collective Resonance


New Jersey based band Sadsic, released their new LP in October of this year. Put out by the expansive Collective Resonance. Listening through the album this morning, mad gigawatts poplin in/out jive, no doubt an electronic sampled feast to get into. “Solo On The Rocks” rips this supreme hip/hop back drop, hits the tones just right. The self-titled effort has a long track list with shorter tunes. Another really interesting, pleasing, very experimental number is “Maniac Memories,” takes you in and out, then roles right into “Nam’ 13” a continuation, which happens throughout the album. A Quality experience if you listen to it all straight through. Sadsic creates this ultimate cadence with plenty of blips, boom, and more blips to make the transitions filled with heat. Another smooth oneĀ is the atmospheric tides on “Night Fathoms.” Panned essence stuttering, shifting across the spectrum, held down by cool beats. The whole record is filled with all the goodies you can handle. Thank Bandcamp for the find, found it on the home page, the cover calls the eye.

Collective Resonance has a grip of other releases, a very busy, and worthy exploration to be had.

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