Pink Elephants EP

Pink Elephants

Bradley Coy, San Diego’s Pink Elephants just released his first EP on April 7th. Its a four track sound blaster, riding heavily on the shoegazer in all of us. Coy, a 17 year old explorer of sound makes a variety of different things based on his own words. A trip to his soundcloud backs that up quickly. The EP is good, bold, and its drenched in this pull, sort of that blurry vision the Sun gives you when you’re trying to focus in, and it freezes you for a few moments in time. The song “Indescent” was a standout for me, but honestly the EP is solid on all four numbers, the closer is a big take off song, “The Flying Bandstand” ends the record, and really serves as a jump off closer for this project. You know this is just a “wet your beak” moment. The LP must be around the corner, and with tunes like this, I have no doubt its going to thrill the blogosphere. Well done Mr. Coy. Make sure to “name your pice” for this record.

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